Every child deserves the best. We show our scholars we believe that by using proven strategies for their success.”

Our 5 Gaps Approach

The Harvest Network of Schools’ approach to educating our scholars is extremely deliberate. We address what we’ve identified through 25 years of educational research, analysis, and experience as the 5 gaps that create unequal outcomes between white and affluent students and lower-income students of color.

  1. TIME GAP – we have a longer school day and school year. Our scholars experience more learning than the typical school offers.
  2. LEADERSHIP GAP – we empower our principals as instructional leaders
  3. TEACHING GAP – we instruct, assess, reflect: our job isn’t done until scholars master the skills and material
  4. PREPARATION GAP – we support early learning to give kids a strong start
  5. BELIEF GAP – we know that 100% of our scholars want a great life, are capable of academic success, and have gifts that will benefit our community.

Learn more about the 5 Gaps or come tour our school to see our approach firsthand!