Our School Community & Culture

The Harvest Network of Schools are among the highest performing schools for African American students in Minnesota, despite serving a student body that's primarily low-income. We emphasize a culture of high expectations and celebrate academic achievement, seeking to plant the notion “I will go to college” in each of our scholars early and often.

We offer rigorous academic programming accompanied by culturally relevant messages that encourage structure, discipline, and an expectation of college education. Our schools emphasize community building, each school and program offers a variety of ways for students and staff to build community including morning meetings, closing circle/daily wrap up, College Gear Fridays, and more.

Key features of our school:

  • A school culture that builds confidence and encourages self-control, while focusing on academic achievement
  • Single-gender classrooms, allowing us to cater instruction and support to our male and female scholars separately based on the best research in this area
  • Academic support tailored to different learning styles
  • Highly-skilled teachers supported by ongoing professional development
  • In-depth involvement of parents
  • An education that incorporates African culture and heritage
  • Closing the “belief gap” through a mindset that all children can learn at high levels